Tower Of Straws Game

We are back with more fun and exciting games. Tower of straws game can be played in a birthday party as well as a kitty party.
Keep reading to know more about it.

1. Number of People Required To Play The Game

You can have as many players as you want. There is no limit on the number.

logical baniya Tower-Challenge-with-Straws

2. Things Required

  • 2-3 pack of straws
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors

3. How To Play

  • Make teams of 2-3 players each.
  • Each team will be given a pack of straws, sticky tape and a pair of scissors.
  • The players have to design a standing tower of straws. 
  • The straws can be interconnected either by sliding one straw into another straw or they can bend the straw, or cut them or they can use sticky tape.
  • Time limit for this game is ten minutes.

4. The Winner

You can multiple winners, e.g. team with highest tower, team with best designed tower,  team with most balanced tower..etc.

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