Time for some Cricket Quiz

A question for all cricket lovers, maths genious and friends. .!!
How many runs a single player can score in One day match (50 overs/ 300 balls)
No ‘no balls’, no wide, no extras, no over throws…So how much runs he can score max??

This question came in CAT and 99% people  answered it wrong..

Choices :

A) 1800. 
B) 1650. 
C) 1653. 
D) 1550. 
E) 1555

F) 1506

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To make the maximum run, batsman should have maximum strike, that means he should play all 300 balls.
To play 300 balls he should take 3 runs on the last ball of the over.
so in a over he can make maximum – 33 runs.
so 33 * 49 Overs = 1617.
In the last over he can play all 6 balls so – 36 runs.
Total – 1617 + 36 = 1653
Answer – 1653

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