Muscle Builders Race

This is a slight variation of the “Balloon Stuffing Race” (see the link below). This balloon game doesn’t ask for any balloons to be popped intentionally. But there will be some “casualties” while playing this game!

1. What You’ll Need:

  • 2-3 packs of small balloons (inflated).
  • 2 pairs of long stretchable pants.

logical baniya muscle builders race


2. How to play:

  • Divide the kids into two teams.
  • Each team will get a pair of pants and a bag of inflated balloons.
  • Each team will have to choose one person from their group as the ‘Weakling’. The other members of the team will be Personal Trainers.
  • On “Go!,” the personal trainers of each team must start stuffing balloons into the Weakling’s pants to make him grow instant muscles.
  • You can allot a fixed time, say 5 mins, after which, both teams must stop stuffing their Weaklings.
  • Now start removing and counting the balloons for each team.

3. The Winner

The team whose Weakling has with the most muscles (i.e.: balloons), wins.

A video on how to play this game :


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