Match the Balloon

Today we have for you one more balloon game, that is just right for a preschool kid’s birthday party!

1. What You’ll Need:

  • Music and a music player.match the balloon game
  • Multi coloured Balloons
  • Coloured button

logical baniya ballon games


2. How to play:

  • Ask the kids to sit in a circle.
  • Attach a coloured button on each kid.
  • Put all the balloons in the middle of circle. Make sure there are enough for each kid.
  • Start the music and make the kids walk around the balloons.
  • When the music stops, call out a colour. The kid with that colour button will have to find the matching coloured balloon and hold it up.
  • Continue the game until each kid has a matching balloon.

3. Additional Tips:

  • You can repeat the colors but make sure there are enough pairs for each player.
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