Keep the Balloon Up Game

Players will have to use all of their body parts while playing this game. It is going to be super fun!

1. What You’ll Need:

  • 1 balloon for each team

logical baniya keep it up balloon game

2. How to play:

  • Make teams of 4-5 kids each.
  • Each team will get a balloon.
  • On “Go!,” teams will start bouncing their balloons. They should hit the balloon such that it moves upwards.
  • The trick here is — have one person as a Referee, who will call out a body part and kids should try to hit the balloon with that part of their body.
  • Hitting with Hand and foot are quite easy, but head, knee, elbow, hips/butt get becomes more difficult.
  • If a kid lets the balloon hit the ground or hits it with the wrong body part is out.
  • The teams will continue playing until each team has a winner.
  • Then have all the team winners form a final group for a play off round.
  • The kid who lasts the longest is the winner.
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