Guess The Hinglish Song Game

1. Number of People Required To Play The GameYou can have as many players as you want. There is no limit on the number.

          logicalbaniya guess the hinglish song game

2. Things Required

  • List of 20 hindi songs translated in English
  • You can use the below list of songs
    1. Forget me, goodbye to have to live without me –
    2. Moment moment near my heart u stay is sweet thirst u say in
    3. This friendship we will never break
    4. After seeing water’s color, eyes started crying
    5. Your and mine love story is difficult, cant be described in two words –
    6. If u can understand us then understand us sweethearts, the more u understand d more u will be surprised
    7. World walks forward then I walk backward..I know all d games..I am a great player –
    8. Swaying, Flickering, Swaying, Flickering, Flickering, Swaying..set on fire..hearts are burning..den I do a gesture..sparkle sparkle, sparkle sparkle..m a sparkle –
    9. Think there is a city of ponds..we would have a house on waves..the swt dreams we have seen, all comes true
    10. Today is engagement..listen bride’s us dance..don’t be shy like girls
  • Copies of this list according to the number of players
  • Pens

3. How To Play

  • Each player will be given the list of Hinglish songs.
  • They have to correctly identify the songs and write them on the same paper.
  • Time limit is 1 minute.

4. The Winner

The person who correctly identifies the maximum number of songs is the winner.

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