Fish Puzzle – 200 fishes in an aquarium – 99% red, how many need to be removed to make it 98% red fish?

Solve this one!

Q. There were 200 Fishes in an aquarium, 99% of which were red. How many red fishes must be removed to make the percentage of red fishes 98%?


Think well because 2 is not correct answer.

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The Answer is 100.

Think again how the answer is 100 then see our explanation.

First – 2 is not correct because if you remove 2 fish, total fish count also decreases to 198 and not 200.

So Red fish % will not be 98 😉

Think this way – out of 200 there are 99% red fishes that means 198 red fishes and 2 other fishes.

If i will remove 100 red fishes , 98 red fishes will remain with 2 other fishes. This will make red fish as 98%.


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