Feel Your Spouse/Partner Game

Blindfolds! Who doesn’t like them! Although, there’s a twist to it! Today’s game is specially for Couple’s Kitty parties! Let’s check it out.

blindfolded playing outdoor game clipart

1. Number of People Required To Play The Game

You can have as many players as you want. There is no limit on the number.

2. Things Required

Bandana or Big Handkerchief or cloth to blindfold a player.

3. How To Play

  • Ask couples to pick who will be blindfolded from them. One by one each couple gets their chance. Once blindfolded, ensure that he/she cannot see.
  • Everybody else is sitted down.
  • The blindfolded person now has to identify their spouse or his/her best friend.
  • The blindfolded person can only feel the face of sitting members to identify. You can define your own rules.

4. Winner

Keep a note of how many seconds/minutes a person takes to identify the partner. One who is the quickest wins.

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