Card Puzzle Game

This is a playing cards game, but with a twist. You will have to cut the cards to play it. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s check it out!

1. Number of People Required To Play The Game

You can have as many players as you want. There is no limit on the number.

logical baniya card puzzle game

2. Things Required

  • Pack of playing cards.

3. How To Play

  • From the pack of cards, remove the Ace, King, Queen and Jack of the all colors. You will get a total of 16 cards.
  • Cut these cards into 3 or pieces of different shapes.
  • Mix all the pieces.
  • The players have to match and make the right cards i.e. color and number of card should be the same.
  • The time limit for this game is 1 minute.

4. The Winner

  • The player who makes the maximum matches, wins!.
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