Blue Red Socks puzzle

There are 10 red and 10 blue socks in a drawer.

There is no light in the room so you need to take out a pair of socks from the drawer in complete darkness. You can take out only one sock at a time.

What is the maximum number of attempts needed to find the correct pair from the drawer?

For Answer

You will need 3 attempts 🙂

Attempt 1 – Consider in the first attempt you found the Red Sock.

Attempt 2 – As you need to find the maximum number of attempts needed, this sock should be of opposite color.

So in attempt 2 i will get Blue sock.

Attempt 3 – Now we already have 1 red sock and 1 blue sock.
so in this attempt – whatever sock comes we will find the pair 🙂

so if a blue comes it will be 2 blues and if a red comes it will be 2 reds.

So our answer is 3.


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