Balloon Knee Race

It’s easy to create balloon games out of many day-to-day simple games. For instance, take any kid’s race and add balloons to it. You’ve got for yourself a challenging and funny balloon game.

1. What You’ll Need:

  • Two pieces of string or rope
  • A balloon for each player

balloon knee race

2. How to play:

  • Mark the start and finish lines on the floor with the help of strings or rope.
  • Make two teams and give a balloon to each kid.
  • Kids have to hold their balloons in between their legs and go from the start to the finish line without dropping the balloon.
  • If they drop the balloon, they will have to go back to the start line and try again.
  • The game will end when both teams have reached the finish line.

Watch the video to see how to play this game.

3. Additional Tips:

  • You can use two colors of balloon (One color for each team).
  • If you have a big group, with a slight tweak you can convert this race to a relay race. Check the “Balloon Knee Relay Race” link below for more details.

4. The Winner

You can keep this a non-competitive game and not declare a winner. Or else the winner will be the one who reached the finish the fastest.

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