Thermocol and pins – One Minute Game

Hello Everyone!
We have another exciting game for you. This is a Thermocol balls and pin game can be played in one minute. It is an easy to arrange game, can be played at birthday party, kitty party and on new year eve as well.

1. Number of People Required To Play The Game

You can have as many players as you want. There is no limit on the number.

2. Things Required

  • Bunch of pins/needles.
  • A pack of thermocol balls.
  • 2 bowls- One to put thermocol balls in it and another to put pair
  • A watch to see time

3. Time Span: 1 Minute

4. How To Play

  • Place all thermocol balls in one bowl.
  • Players have to make pairs of pins and thermocol balls.
  • They will be given a bunch of pins/needles and the bowl filled with thermocol balls.
  • The player will use a pin to pick a thermocol ball.
  • The player will now put this attached pair in another bowl.
  • Repeat the same process and try to collect as many pairs within a minute.

4. Winner

The player who makes maximum number of pairs, wins! 

Note: Only pairs will be counted.

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