Presence Of Mind!

Once a PVP game of my brother went missing.

Even after a long hunt we couldn’t find it. Then where did it go? The mind suspected the maid’s daughter who had come to our home with her mother the previous day. But it’s really rough to blame the maid for whatever is missing from the house.

The next day when the maid came to our house, the conversation with my grandmother went like-

Granny Savita, a game box is missing. See, if you find it somewhere while cleaning.

Savita(the maid)– Okay, sure.

Granny– And hope it doesn’t go in the wrong hands because it’s a very risky game.

Savita-Risky game?

Granny-Yes, actually I also don’t know much but if some wrong buttons are pressed it can give you electric shocks.

Guess what! Next day we found the PVP safe somewhere lying. Hats off Granny!

It’s really important that we act logically in our day to day life. For more such stories of presence of mind, Follow logical baniya.

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