Guess The Price Game

Today, we are going to check who is the most shopaholic in your group! You ask how? Lets see.


1. Number of People Required To Play The Game

You can have as many players as you want. There is no limit on the number.

2. Things Required

Few blank papers and pens..

3. How To Play

  • First, the host/organizer should create a list of 10 common food items along with the average price of each item on a paper and do not show that to anyone.The blindfolded person now has to identify his wife or her husband or his/her best friend.
  • Give paper sheets to guests. Announce each item one by one and ask them to guess prices.
  • Clarify in the beginning that the price guessed should be MRP or inclusive of all taxes.

4. Winner

Person/Team who lists the maximum number of correct entries wins.

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