Balloon Pop “Surprise” Game

Balloon games that asks the players to pop the balloons are very exciting and also brings out lots of silly antics. So, we should include at least one Balloon Popping Game, right! The balloons that you’ll use in this game can also be used as party decorations!

1. What You’ll Need:

  • One large colourful balloon for each kid.
  • Small wrapped candies, pieces of paper that have jokes written on them and a few that say “claim a prize”.

logical baniya ballon game

2. How to play:

  • Put a few small candies into every balloon. Then blow them up and knot the ends.
  • You spread all the balloons on the floor or tie them up from the ceiling.
  • Let the kids know that each balloon has a surprise inside.
  • On “Go!”, let the kids go wild grabbing balloons, sitting on them and popping them to reveal their surprise.
  • This can be great fun for young kids as long as they’re not afraid of the popping balloons.

3. The Winner

At the end, everybody is a winner. Everyone will get some goodies, candies,..etc

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