A Riddle on Murder in Ladies Washroom

Who is the killer any Detective Out There?

Can you look at the pic closely and found the murderer?

Before looking at the answer, do comment what you think is the murderer?

For Answer

If you look at the pic closely, near the murder scene there is a knife.
And from table number 3 the knife is missing, so he can be a suspect.

But its a ladies washroom how can a men get into a ladies washroom, this seems to be a busy restaurant so he will be easily caught.

On table number 2, a lady is sitting so definitely she went inside.
Also her Purse is open so she must have come from washroom but her knife is there on the table.

So this picture suggests, both 2 and 3 are involved in murder. 2 gave the knife to 3 for murder.

Please comment if you have some other opinion.



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